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Crowdsourced! Crowdsourced! Crowdsourced! Sign up your filmmaking team or band for your scene here to remake a scene of BEETLEJUICE this summer/fall!

July: Sign up for your scene(s). Teams are randomly assigned a one-to-four minute scene from Beetlejuice!

July-October 14th: Make your scene (or song!) and turn it into BIG.

Early November: Community Screening!Beetlejuice is Crowdsourced Boston's 2019 film!

Crowdsourced Boston is a public art project led by Brookline Interactive Group in eastern Mass, shared from the original Crowdsourced, created and managed by Northampton Open Media, formerly Northampton Community Television, in which the community collaboratively remakes a famous film. This summer, we will recreate the cult classic “Beetlejuice” in Boston as NOM/NCTV creates their version in western Mass.
Each team is assigned a scene from the film to interpret creatively – it could be filmed with live action, animation, remix, puppetry, and other visual styles. Scenes should contain similar dialog, action, and run time, though there is some wiggle room in those aspects as well. We encourage teams to look at the film with new cultural eyes, which may mean revising swears in the script or rethinking cultural norms. Scenes cannot contain any copyrighted images or audio.
The final film scenes are edited together, color corrected and normalized and we screen the film at Coolidge Corner Theatre in celebration in November! (and with a costume contest for the screening!)
Teams and individuals can sign up now to participate! Scenes will be handed out on a rolling basis until they are gone, but we also have a waiting list on which we will put additional teams in case there is a team that must drop out.
We are also seeking musicians and composers to contribute new music to our remake! Since the original film soundtrack is copyrighted, we will need new music for several scenes.

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A team can be an individual or a group of people in the greater Boston area, open to all ages and abilities. (This means anywhere inside the boundaries of I-495 all the way out to the end of Cape Cod!) You do not have to live in the Boston area to participate, but Team Leaders are encouraged to sign up for a membership at their local media center so they can have access to film equipment and editing software!

Teams can check out all the available scenes any time before registration opens, and will then be able to sign up for a specific scene starting at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, June 27th. The scenes will be alloted to teams on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Please stick to the total running time of the scene you are assigned. Going over or under a few seconds is fine, but keep in mind your scene is a small part of a long movie. Make sure the beginning and end of your scene matches up closely to the original so it will transition nicely with the other scenes.

Go ahead and get creative! We ask that you follow the script in terms of dialogue and action, but your scene will be more entertaining the more creative you get. You can shoot live action, use puppets, stop-motion, animation, whatever you think will be entertaining and fun!
Don’t have access to a parade float? Try making one with a Lego set. We recommend checking out the past Crowdsourced Cinema and Crowdsourced Boston movies to get ideas.

No copyrighted images, logos, or music please. This includes the original soundtrack or dialogue from the movie, so please make sure you use your own audio.
If you are looking for music or sound effects, check out FreeMusicArchive.org or FreeSound.org or of course, make your own!

We’d prefer everyone to shoot Full HD 1920×1080 with a framerate of 24 frames per second. Shoot, Edit, and Export in the highest quality possible.
Most file types can be accepted, but we’d prefer an H.264 (.mp4) file in 24 frames per second. If you need any guidance with camera or export settings, please get in touch.

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This is a fun and free community project!
If you are an individual or a team who would like to participate, or representing a media center that would like to create a scene or two, please check out all the scenes below. Registration is open now.
If you are representing a media center that would like to be an official partner in this project, please sign up here:

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BIG will be screening the third annual premiere of Crowdsourced Boston’s remake of the fan favorite film, Beetlejuice, at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on December 3rd! We warmly welcome the entire Brookline and surrounding communities to attend.

We warmly welcome all our participating teams, partner organizations, and the entire Brookline and surrounding communities to come watch the truly creative re-make of the classic, cheer on your local filmmakers or friends, and celebrate community arts.

Purchase tickets
Tickets are free to anyone who participated in the creation of the remake and a suggested $10 donation to friends family, and anyone else. Purchase your tickets here.

If you have friends or family who would like to join you – fantastic! Please have them purchase a ticket here.